Sunday, May 5, 2013

Madison's First Price-Matching Trip!

Last Thursday I had the absolute pleasure of having three lovely ladies in my home.  We talked about the power of meal planning and preparing before you go to the store and about how price-matching or ad-matching can cut your grocery bill by 30-50%.
The first time out grocery shopping a new way and using price-matching can be a little overwhelming. I know this because I was there once.
I offered to accompany my friend Madison on her first price matching trip.
I had a blast and she totally scored for her first trip and now she has the confidence to do it herself and continue on with the savings.
Here is a little breakdown of her trip.
3 bags Malt O Meal cereal
1 box Life cereal
2 lbs ground beef
 one loaf of bread
2 dozen eggs
tortilla chips
frozen fries
2 gallons of milk
green onions,
goldfish crackers
2 boxes pasta
 BBQ sauce
2 lbs apples
 cream cheese
 cottage cheese
seedless grapes


All of that would have cost her 72.90.
However with a little prep she was able to walk away only spending
That is 33% savings without clipping a single coupon!
Way to go Madison!!!!!!!

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